About Steve Todd


I live in Easley, SC with my beautiful wife Beth. I have two daughters, Riley and Kelsey, and one precious granddaughter, MayĆ©. Easley is a suburb of Greenville, SC at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, not far from Clemson.

Day Job:

In my "day job" at Mount Vernon, I get to work with customers, vendors, management, and especially our 600+ internal computer users.  I enjoy sitting down with people and helping them do their jobs better, faster and easier via my technical expertise and business knowledge.  I write program specifications and manage a team of developers and technicians.  I am also the web designer and builder for Mount Vernon.  

Web Designer:

I have designed and built several active web sites (see details on each on front page of this site), for paying customers, for my church, my hobby groups.  My Drupal sites run on a variety of platforms: in-house VMWare server using a Bitnami LAMP stack (Lamp refers to Linux (Ubuntu), Apache, MySQL, and PHP), shared hosting on DreamHost, in-house Windows Servers, the Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) cloud, the Pantheon platform and the DigitalOcean cloud which is where this site (mstevetodd.com) is hosted. I also leverage the CloudFlare content-delivery and performance network.

Mobile Developer:

I have designed, built, maintain and support an Android mobile app called Engine Driver, available from the Android Play Store.  (Currently nearing 12,000 active users)  This app features socket-level WiFi communication with a Java server to provide hand-held control of DCC-equipped model railroads, providing a much less-expensive alternative to proprietary vendor hardware.  The source for this is freely available on GitHub.

Open Source Developer:

In addition to EngineDriver, I also contribute to several other Open Source projects.  My profile on GitHub is mstevetodd.  Follow that link for some of my contributions.  I am proficient to expert in numerous open source technologies, most recently Java, Python, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.  I believe in leveraging the best tool for a particular task.  I learn new tools and patterns very quickly, and am skilled at understanding existing code and patterns to make improvements quickly and without degrading the existing codebase.

I maintain a very popular RaspberryPi image solution combining several open source technologies [here].