Hands-On DCC-EX Clinic

Steps and links for Hands-On DCC-EX Clinic 6/19/2023 and 7/8/2023

Agenda (note time will likely not allow completion of all steps):
basics of Arduino (hardware vs software, wifi options)
DCC-EX: Getting Started
DCC-EX: Mega + Wifi
intro to parts
cut trace
use multimeter to verify trace is cut
attach motor shield
connect shield power
plug into computer and check device manager to get COMx
download installer [from here] [details]
run installer to load sketch
  download Arduino CLI
  select the "Unknown/clone detected as USB-SERIAL CH340 (COMx)"
  select "Arduino Mega or Mega 2560" (tells installer what to treat this as)
  press "Select product to install"
  choose "EX-CommandStation"
  select "Latest Development" and  "Configure options on next screen"
  press "Configure EX-CommandStation"
  select STANDARD_MOTOR_SHIELD and "I have WiFi"
  press "Compile and Upload"
  press "Load", wait and verify success
Use "device monitor" to send power on <1> and power off <0>
connect phone to wifi DCCEX_xxxxx PASS_xxxxxx (or password you specified)
connect app to sketch
use app to toggle power
rerun installer
select "Set Track Mode" to change Track A and Track B to "DC" and re-upload
use multimeter to measure DC voltage while adjusting throttle
connect track
acquire and run loco (switch back to DCC MAIN and PROG if using DCC)
connect to PROG and identify 
connect JMRI (JMRI.org
  JMRI and Java
  Get Java 11
identify loco
program loco using JMRI